Zeng Qingzong 曾庆宗

Zeng Qingzong, a life with martial arts, traditional chinese medicine, mathematics and computer science.

Orthpedic problems
⚬ Injuries and ailments in joints, tendons and bones
⚬ Muscle inflammations
⚬ Reumathic problems
⚬ Sport injuries
⚬ Lumbago, wryneck and frozen shoulder
⚬ Tennis elbow and mouse arm
⚬ Ischias

Zeng has treated many patients with orthopedic problems. As he was working as professor in wushu at the Chengdu Physical Culture Education Institute he had to assist students who had hurt themselves during the hard training. Other examples are:

64 year old male who the last 17 years has been forced to keep his head down towards his chest due to a stiff neck could after 20 treatments lift his head and turn it to the sides.

50 year old masseus who had acquired a callus on the wrist that made it painful to work was cured after 10 treatments.

Chronic and acute pain
⚬ Pain in the back, joints, neck, shoulders, hips and knee
⚬ Chronic pain due to inflammation or rheumatism
⚬ Shingles
⚬ Migrain and tension based headaches
⚬ Inflammations in face, ear, eyes and nose

⚬ Acne
⚬ Fungus infections
⚬ Ecsema
⚬ Wrinkles

Zeng has treated many patients with skin problems, i.e. acne, fungus, rosacea and combinations of these. By strengthening the patient's own immunal system and improving the metabolism and circulation in the body, with the help of qi-massage, acupuncture and herbal medicines, Zeng can treat fungus infections that are very difficult to treat with western medicine. Some examples:

50 year old male who has had severe acne and fungus in the face and over the head over 5 years was cured after 15 treatments.

30 year old woman with a thick white surface on her palms and painful cracks in these, was cured after 10 treatments.

Circulatory problems

⚬ Chronic fatigue
⚬ High/low blood pressure
⚬ Bad immune system
⚬ High/low metabolism

Respiratory problems

⚬ Asthma and allergies
⚬ Bad cold
⚬ Cough
⚬ Sinuses inflammations

Neurological problems

⚬ Stress, burn out
⚬ Dizziness, faintings, tinnitus
⚬ Depressions
⚬ Sleeplessness
⚬ Eating disorders

30 year old male has a racing heart each day at 6 pm och must lie down on the floor. The hospital visit shows that nothing is explicitly wrong with the heart but the problems remain. He no longer has any problems after receiving treatment from Zeng.

45 year old male with tinnitus in one ear. He is cured after 20 treatments.

Stomach and intestine problems

⚬ Catarrh of the stomach
⚬ Inflammations in small intestines, colon, gall bladder, kidneys, urinal tracts and lever
⚬ Constipation
⚬ Diarrhoea
⚬ Digestive disorders
⚬ Acid indigestion
⚬ Irritated colon


⚬ Menstruational and menopause problems
⚬ Femal and male infertility
⚬ Incontinence
⚬ Smoke weaning