Zeng Qingzong 曾庆宗

Zeng Qingzong, a life with martial arts, traditional chinese medicine, mathematics and computer science.


2011: Zeng Qingzong teaches at Guiyang College.

2008: ceremony in Beijing to celebrate Gao Ziying

A ceremony to celebrate that it was 100-year since Gao Ziying was born was held in Beijing. Zeng with students travelled there to participate.

2008: Taiji

2007: Emei festival
Zeng was invited to lead a Baishi ceremoni together with by Wu Yong, a 102-year old monk also a martial arts master.

Zeng was invited as a lecturer, participated in ceremonies and taught martial arts.

2004: Zeng demonstrates dachenquan and baguazhang

1985: Zeng Qingzong demonstrates dacheng

1985: Zeng Qingzong demonstrates taiji

A newspaper picture from 1984 with Zeng Qingzong demonstrating dachenquan.