Zeng Qingzong 曾庆宗

Zeng Qingzong, a life with martial arts, traditional chinese medicine, mathematics and computer science.

Master of Internal Martial arts and Acupuncture

Zeng Qingzong was born in Chongqing April 22, 1941 and began martial arts training at the age of seven. He was influenced and educated by Zhang Yonglong (張用龍) a daoist within the family, also known as the famous Qingcheng Mountain Daoist priest called the chief Dragon of the Five Dragons and Two Monkeys. Zhang Yonglong thaught Zeng Emei and Shaolin wushu (少林峨眉武術) and founded Zeng's expertise in grappling (qinna) as well as .

Zeng began practising acupuncture at the age of twenty and uses traditional chinese acupuncture and moxa burning for treatments. Zeng can also use ear, head, facial, foot, hand, abdominal and back acupuncture. Zeng also masters a particularily sensitive acupuncture technique where only one needle is used.

When studying mathematics and physics at the Electronic Science and Technology University, he was a member of the school wushu team. In 1967, he learned baquazhang, xinyiquan and taijiquan from Gao Ziying (高子英), a well-known wushu specialist.

Later he learned varieties of boxings and qigongs from: Ye Danyi (叶丹一), Qingcheng Mountain Taoist priest Yang Fufang (杨富芬) a Tanglang Boxing specialist, Yao Zhongxun (姚宗勛) Dacheng Boxing specialist, Wujiquan from Duan Zhiliang (段智良) and Sha Guozheng (纱国正) Baqua Xinyi Boxing specialist.

At Chengdu University he first taught computer science (lisp programming) before becoming a full time wushu professor.

He has a wide and profound understanding of the mysterious Chinese wushu and qigong.

Zeng has constructed his own long Taiji form which embodies elements from bagua, xingyi, shaolin and emei wushu. It is called Zeng Qingzong taijiquan (曾庆宗太極拳).

“Treatment and training should be viewed as a whole.”

The treatment commences with qi-massage to strengthen the circulation and is followed with acupuncture, qigong and herbal medicines. The patient is recommended to practise qigong to maintain health after concluded treatment.

With his deep knowledge in TCM and the internal martial arts of China, Zeng can offer an in Sweden unique combination of treatment and training.

In 1991 Zeng was invited to Sweden to teach Taiji and the philosophy of daoism at Stockholm University. He has been teaching and practising acupuncture in Stockholm ever since. He now shares his time between Stockholm and universities in China.

Zeng has published two books: